Helping people understand themselves and others on the soul level to accelerate and navigate their spiritual journey.

About Me

As a Spiritual Attunement Practitioner, I help people understand themselves and others on the Soul-Level. I started my New Life Journey at the age of 40, as a Nutritional Health Coach after my husband of 16 years passed away from Leukemia. I have helped my clients heal and even reverse their health problems. Then I began to understand the mind and how it can either work for us or against us. After incorporating limiting belief techniques and the Law of Attraction into my practice my clients had even greater results. I have always had a strong faith which is displayed throughout my book,"From There to Here: An Inspirational Journey of Faith, Hope and Love". After several more years and struggles I stumbled across Astro-Numerology which helped me to discover my Soul and Life Purpose that allows me to create my Destiny. This was the key to unlocking the life I desired! I made the decision to study it further and help my clients on a deeper level of understanding. To help them discover who they are, why they are here and what their purpose is. This is what I had been searching for to Empower my clients to live a life of meaning and purpose in their own unique way. I am also a Twin Flame and I know this journey well. I now help other Twin Flames accelerate their spiritual growth and navigate their Twin Flame Journey to be able to come into Union. This is how I became the Spiritual Attunement Practitioner that I am today, with a passion to help people understand themselves and others on the Soul Level. I help them to create the Love, Joy, Peace and Harmony they are meant to have so they can fulfill their Life Purpose and Shine their light into the World!! As a graduate from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition I learned innovative coaching methods, practical lifestyle management techniques, and have studied over 100 dietary theories including Ayurveda, gluten-free, Paleo, raw, vegan, macrobiotics, and everything in between. I graduated from Grand Canyon University with a Bachelor's in Allied Health Science, Professional Development and Advanced Patient Care. I am a Certified Astro-Numerology from Numerology Academy My life experiences have taught me well, from a childhood filled with drugs, alcohol and abuse, to a young adult trying to control everything, to a woman filled with great sorrow from the death of her husband and mother so early. My Twin Flame Journey has lived up to the challenges I had chosen, and I have transformed my life discovering my authentic self and my purpose so I can help you do the same!

Soul Profile Blueprint Readings

Unlock the your secret Birth Code and the Blueprint that was put into place the moment of your birth. Discover the hidden secrets of your soul and your purpose for being here. Understand the lessons you are to learn so you can live a life of passion and joy. This is the blueprint you designed for your time on earth.

You will receive an 8-10 page detailed report of your Natal Chart that cross references the Degrees of the Planets and the 12 Houses with the Zodiac Signs at the time of your birth. This is the most in depth information you will receive about your soul and your journey. You will also have a 60 minute call with me to go over your Soul Profile Blueprint once you have received your full detailed report.

Discovering your Soul Profile Blueprint will help you to follow the plan you put into place but remember you have free will to choose whether you follow the plan and complete your mission or not. 

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Soul Journey Course

This is a chance to accelerate your awakening and spiritual growth. This course is designed to help you understand yourself and others on the soul level so you can make peace with and release the past, discover joy in the present and create a life of purpose and passion making your dreams and desires a reality. Learn how to align your mind, body and spirit to raise your conscious awareness and vibration much quicker so you can live life to the fullest and step into abundance! 

It is time to awaken and remember who you truly are so you can live the life you came to live! My purpose is to remember my true origin so I can help others remember theirs and this is why this course was created. If you are ready to awaken then you are in the right place.

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Twin Flame Readings

A one on one personal 60 Minute Reading channeled from Spirit for those on the Twin Flame Journey. Are you needing answers, guidance and/or confirmation? This can be a very challenging journey and Spirit wants to help you. 

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What is Astro-Numerology?

Astro-Numerology is the combination of using Astrology and Numerology to analyze a person’s Soul and Life Purpose. 

Astrology and Numerology’s history dates back for centuries however, Astro-Numerology is a relatively new concept and explored discovery.

Astro-Numerologist are able to construct a more accurate analysis of a person’s true and natural state of being to help them understand what they need to do in life to reach their highest potential!

By analyzing a person's Birthdate, Full Birthname, the Time they were born and the Location allows a person to take a deep look into who they really are on the Soul level.

Often time a person is missed labeled early on in life and they are not able to live up to their highest potential. Astro-Numerology allows a person to discover their unique talents, passions, strengths, weaknesses, motivations and life purpose. Too many people spend their whole life in search of a happiness that is not really theirs. They spend their life chasing other people’s dreams or merely fulfilling obligations avoiding their true dharma- their unique purpose in life.

Astro-Numerology provides a clear picture allowing you to fulfill your passions using your unique talents and have the confidence knowing you are fulfilling your purpose while being completely supported by the Universe. 

Creating Your Natural State of Being!

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"I can’t say enough about Shannon Rhett and how she truly inspired me to change in the way I think and feel today. I knew I needed to make some changes due to the trauma I experienced as a child that I brought into my adulthood. Getting rid of things that no longer serve me was one of the hardest things I have ever had to go through! It was such an emotional process for my heart. Now I am able to tell myself what my purpose is and that whatever is holding me back no longer has a hold on ME or SERVES my highest good. I can let it go and move on!I have learned to choose ME and embrace the truth releasing me from the past along with old thoughts and behaviors that were keeping me stuck. When Shannon and I went over my Soul’s Blueprint it really opened my eyes, heart and soul helping me to understand who I truly am as a woman. Making a huge difference in my life and allowing me to experience joy and peace again and in some cases for the first time as I better understand my purpose and can confidently live it out."

Tonya Moore

"Working with Shannon made me challenge many aspects of my life. She mentored me with my nutrition, mindset, and goals, giving me knowledge for better all over health. Shannon’s inspiration to help and inspire others is truly amazing. She has a zest for life and helping others achieve their goals. I enjoyed working with her and she will remain to be apart of my life journey."

Lisa Zaccaria

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