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Soul Profile Blueprint Reading

Unlock the your secret Birth Code and the Blueprint that was put into place the moment of your birth. Discover the hidden secrets of your soul and your purpose for being here. Understand the lessons you are to learn so you can live a life of passion and joy. This is the Blueprint you designed for your time on earth.

You will receive an 8-10 page detailed report of your Natal Chart that cross references the Degrees of the Planets and the 12 Houses with the Zodiac Signs at the time of your birth. This is the most in depth information you will receive about your soul and your journey. You will also have a 60 minute call with me to go over your Soul Profile Blueprint once you have received your full detailed report.

Discovering your Soul Profile Blueprint will help you to follow the plan you put into place but remember you have free will to choose whether you follow the plan and complete your mission or not.